The more I investigate the Twilight Saga the more Bella just keeps getting more christian! Not only is she a teen who abstains from sex, at least until a few books later, she is also pro-life!

Yes, the romantically in love couple, Edward and Bella, save themselves for marriage {is it called that with a vampire?} and they have an ‘unwanted child’ and chivalrous Edward saves his beloved.

Warning this is very explicit and very sickening

This romance is founded in a visceral impulse to possess and to consume. The relationship unfolds as Edward works to master his desire to guzzle Bella’s blood. Along the way, he protects her from various monsters and her own stupidity. Bella, for the space of three long novels, literally begs him to bite. At the beginning of Breaking Dawn, Bella has agreed to marry Edward. In return, he will finally make her a vampire. First though, she wants to consummate their marriage while she is still human. Since Meyer’s vampires are insanely strong, this is a dangerous plan. It results in a very bruised bride, a husband who refuses to share her bed and injure her further, and Bella again begging for more.

Bella gets pregnant on her honeymoon and the baby begins to eat her alive. Edward and his family want to end the pregnancy, but she loves her child and protects it at any cost. A tiny part of me is compelled. Were my own life to be weighed against the life of one of my children, born or unborn, I would do the same. But Bella’s baby gives me chills. What seems, at first blush, to be a pro-life plot discloses deep ambivalence and fear about pregnancy and motherhood. Bella’s vampiric baby can only be born by causing its mother’s death. At the moment when the child’s birth is killing her, Edward transforms Bella into a vampire. She gives up her relationships with parents and friends, and even her humanity, to be with him. Her transformation is excruciatingly painful, but she hides it, often by lying to him. Full Review  from Associate Professor at Wheaton College. {Please note that I do not endorse all of the college’s theology}

This is the depth of depravity where Bella travels.

This is the teenage girl we want to raise as a model to our teenage daughters.

God help us,


Still alot of chatter happening at the Christian Stay At Home Mom’s blog! Picked up this comment. A husband & dad makes an excellent comparison that will ‘hit home’ with most women!


Craig Gleason` on December 8th, 2008 10:21 pm

Ok, let’s change the scene. If having a speck of good in it (no sex) causes it to be “ok” for our kids. How about this. Why not let your husband go to a strip club and be entertained a little bit. The dancer isn’t going to have sex with him. It’s all harmless right? It will show him that there are ladies out there with a good message and morals, even though they are involved in unacceptable acts. I have two words for you “Christian” home school moms. ABSOLUTE TRUTH. My suggestion in love is that you wake up and smell the coffee. Jesus didn’t go to the cross for you to be this foolish. If you want the world and love it so much, then take the title Christian off of your name.

A homeschool father of two.

Thanks so much, Craig!


The Twilight movie is not a problem . . .

. . . just a symptom of the problem.

This popular book series and recent movie serve a greater purpose. It brings into the light a greater problem.

Christians do not know Scripture,
believe Scripture, nor
live by Scripture.

This is the problem.

The enormous amount of ‘chatter’ about the movie Twilight among Christians who claim to see God’s Truth in it — brings into the light of Christ the comfort Christians have living in the twilight of faith.real-twilight3

 Webster defines twilight: the subdued light just after sunset or, sometimes, just before sunrise; any faint light. The ‘twilight’ of faith is a subdued light of faith where many of us are  more comfortable living. It is not fully committed and not separate from the world.

 It is the Light of Christ {subdued according to Webster}

less intense,





It is that grey area that Christ detests. ” So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth.” (Revelation 3:16)

The movie, ‘Twilight is not a problem. The problem is that Christians want to find God’s Truth in the Twilight Saga, learn from it, apply it to their life, and even teach it to our children.

twilight-movie-2This movie is not just tantilizing the interests of teen girls but their mothers’ as well!

Adult woman @blogher

So, IF YOU WANT TO LOVE THE MOVIE—and who doesn’t–Look for where the REAL MAGIC HAPPENS: IN THEIR EYES. Rob HAS mastered Edward in the eyes! The intensity of his love & desire for Bella is evident in his hypnotic fix as they are locked into each others gaze. SIMPLY BRILLIANT!  

Another adult woman/mom:

I want to see it, but i am not going to fight the teenage crowd.  I can wait.  I borrowed the book from my foster daughter and totally loved it. After the first book, I was hooked.

I am also wickedly into True Blood on HBO.  Season finale this weekend. cheers

But, one woman is rational enough to sound an alarm! Lucy Mangan writes for the United Kingdom’s Guardian:

It sounds melodramatic and shrill to say that Bella and Edward’s relationship is abusive, but as the story wears on it becomes increasingly hard to avoid the comparison, as she gradually isolates herself from her friends to protect his secret, and learns to subordinate her every impulse and movement to the necessity of not upsetting Edward and his instincts (“I could quite easily kill you, Bella, by accident”), until by halfway through she is trying to suppress her very pulse (“my blood was racing and I wished I could slow it, sensing that this must make everything so much more difficult”) and planning her movements like a chess game – “I worried that it would provoke the strange anger that flared whenever I slipped and revealed too clearly how obsessed I was.” Whenever she responds physically to his kisses, he immediately draws away and berates her.

Supporters will call this the erotics of abstinence. I call it fear and distaste for female sexuality and a poisonous message to be feeding young women.

What do you call this movie?

Unbelievable and Shocking! Focus on the Family’s Plugged In Online Website evaluates the box office hit movie, Twilght . . .

 . . . and it isn’t what you might expect.

In the category of “Spiritual Content”:

So within the context of a monster mash such as this, we can see a reflection of the Christian calling to put away the old man of sin and embrace the new one—a path that while straight and narrow, is certainly more difficult to walk.

In the category of “Positive Elements”:

Family is a big part of what nurtures Twilight‘s love. Edward’s coven—family—of vampires is a loving one. Each member is committed to protecting the others, even Bella when she becomes part of them through her relationship with Edward.

If you are interested in truly a discerning review of Twilight — From the Lighthouse Trails has a Special Report.

coffee-cupbusy, busy, busy is what the day looks like for many of us — as the Thanksgiving Holiday is quickly approaching along with family!

In my morning wanderings may I suggest these 3 articles are worth your time and thoughtful consideration and perhaps a forward to some friends.

The movie, Twilight (PG-13), opened this weekend and will test parents’ ability to deny their child “what everyone else is doing”. Please read: Seven Reasons to Shun this Vampire Tale.

Tony Jones has come out of the theological closet. Thankfully, if one waits long enough — the wolves always expose themselves. Apprising Ministry has the full story.

Muslim leaders have just announced to their flock that Yoga is dangerous because of its Eastern, Hindu roots. Christian leadership still remains silent. Coming in January will be much more on this subject from me. There is NOTHING good about Yoga for a Christian.