coffee-cupbusy, busy, busy is what the day looks like for many of us — as the Thanksgiving Holiday is quickly approaching along with family!

In my morning wanderings may I suggest these 3 articles are worth your time and thoughtful consideration and perhaps a forward to some friends.

The movie, Twilight (PG-13), opened this weekend and will test parents’ ability to deny their child “what everyone else is doing”. Please read: Seven Reasons to Shun this Vampire Tale.

Tony Jones has come out of the theological closet. Thankfully, if one waits long enough — the wolves always expose themselves. Apprising Ministry has the full story.

Muslim leaders have just announced to their flock that Yoga is dangerous because of its Eastern, Hindu roots. Christian leadership still remains silent. Coming in January will be much more on this subject from me. There is NOTHING good about Yoga for a Christian.


morning-routineGood morning. Dashing off to homeschooling group but not without a quick scan of my favorite places & watchtower sites which have been neglected for almost a week!

**Praise Report** Our friend’s son is getting stronger daily but prayer warriors please continue to pray for the family and all the adjustments in their home and lives. Thank you!

New site sent by a friend, very thought provoking but yet to be completely reviewed — consider this post, American Thinker: Orwell’s Children. The title alone is provocative.

This is not a site I recommend for your edification BUT another bookstorepeddling every new thought and spiritual teacher who jumps onto the postmodern scene. The most concerning part is that this “christian” bookstore is tightly weaved into a parachurch whose ministry is to college students all through the Ohio Valley and big east cities such as Philadelphia, Washington DC, and New York. Hmm, Ruth Barton and Brian Walsh are featured this morning. Their subheading, “more than a bookstore” is at the very least an honest self-evaluation.

WARNING: By this morning choices for the morning report — I must be feeling a little fiesty and confrontational. Here is another site: Tony Jones (Emergent Village’s top dog) may be morphing as these slippery apostates often do. He is now writing for believeanythingandeverything Beliefnet.

Ending with Fragrance of Truth, as she (introduces for some) Dominion Theology. Grab your Bible and walk with her for a short Bible study. Personally, I am learning more about this twist of scripture that has seeped into strong, faithful, evangelical churches and ministries. It is challenging.

Forgive my contrary spirit this morning — but to my lady friends on the web, keepers of their homes and the precious minds of those who dwell there, continue to be informed of the danger that swells in our culture, community, and churches.

In defense of the precious Gospel,