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Exclusive: ‘Her passion was for pro-life’: daughter-in-law tells Jane Russell abortion story



Perhaps many of you have already heard this phrase:


Recently, there have been a couple of cases make national news. Over the weekend I listened to a mother of the latest case. Her lovely teenage daughter (age 16 maybe?) hung herself in their home and the mother found her.

I cannot imagine her pain or her daughter’s pain.

The daughter had texted a nude picture of herself to her boyfriend. They break-up and he shares the picture with other students in their school.

This post is a reminder. Parents own the cell phone, the lap top, and the television. Check them every once in a while, spontaneously. Check the texts, the phone numbers, the internet history, and even face book.

If they don’t want to show you or give you a hard time then perhaps there are things they don’t want you to know or see.

Parents have the authority, power and control, please don’t give it to the kids. 

Tonight, Bill O’Reilley on Fox News will be reporting.

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Abandoned by God
by John MacArthur


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orange-juice-freeze-lg1Finally starting to return to a normal routine after a bit of slump last week and an ear infection this week. The world is definitely moving quickly around me and here are the posts which interested me!

United Nations human rights treaty which impacts parenting rights.

Sweet Valentine ideas from Generation Cedar. She redeems this day with a lovely family idea. She also shares some funny childbirth humor.

Consider jumping into the CVS craze! I did and have really saved money using these three sites.  I heart CVS, Coupon Mom, The Grocery Game (although not playing the game), and Smart Source — I cannot print the coupons, having issues, BUT select the middle tab , ‘Local Grocery Deals’ and compare grocery sales between stores in your area. And you can choose  items and create your own grocery list for each store!

A Scripture thought: “He who conceals a transgression seeks love, But he who repeats a matter separates intimate friends.” Proverbs 17:9


Inauguration Day

Psalm 2

Why are the nations in an uproar
And the peoples devising a vain thing?
The kings of the earth take their stand
And the  rulers take counsel together
Against the Lord and against His anointed, saying,
“Let us tear their fetters apart
And cast away their cords from us!”

He who sits in the heavens laughs,
The Lord scoffs at them.
Then He will speak to them in His anger
And terrify them in His fury, saying,
“But as for Me, I have installed My King
Upon Zion, My holy mountain.”

I will surely tell of the decrees of the Lord:
He said to Me, ‘You are My Son,
Today I have begotten You.
‘Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance,
And the very ends of the earth as Your possession.
‘You shall break them with a rod of iron,
You shall shatter them like earthenware.'”

Now therefore, O kings, show discernment;
Take warning, O judges of the earth.
Worship the Lord with reverence
And rejoice with trembling.
Do homage to the Son, that He not become angry, and you perish in the way,
For His wrath may soon be kindled,
How blessed are all who take refuge in Him!


teaIt has been a long 3 days as a stomach virus has wiped out 75% of our family, including me! A sure sign of being sick is having no desire to post :)! As I am catching up with my blog viewing — this is what caught my interest:

A majority of all American Christians (52%) think that at least some non-Christian faiths can lead to eternal life. Indeed, among Christians who believe many religions can lead to eternal life, 80% name at least one non-Christian faith that can do so. These are among the key findings of a national survey conducted by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life from July 31-Aug. 10, 2008, among 2,905 adults.  Full article here.

Joseph Farah, World Net Daily,  boldly sent an open letter to Rick Warren expressing his disgust with Warren’s scheduled delivery of Obama’s inaugural invocation:  “I’m writing to share my profound and abject revulsion at your agreement to offer the invocation at the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama as president Jan. 20.”

Did Warren forget Obama’ s pledge to sign into law the Freedom of Choice Act which makes illegal peaceful efforts to pursuade mothers from aborting their babies.

I think these women, Emerging Women, would say they are Christians. What do you think?

syringeJust had a discussion with a couple of women who took their children to the pediatrician for ‘recommended’ flu shots. The children were under the age of 5; and although I have picked up information here and there of dangers and concerns about the flu shot — have not taken the time to thoroughly investigate.

Thankfully, Stephanie at Keeper of the Home has posted an excellent article on the subject.  A MUST READ!

Already the government is mandating health care and removing the parents ability to make informed decisions, frightening. Mandatory Flu Shots for PreSchoolers.

Let’s see, a woman can “choose” to terminate her pregnancy BUT a mother cannot “choose” her child’s health care plan.

Is there something wrong with this picture?

P.S. I have also seen these concerns: Flu shots may be linked to Altzheimer’s

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