a simple life

While sitting at an ice rink watching hockey practice and without any warning my mind wandered back to summer days as a child living in Maine and felt compelled to make a list of my unforgettable summer memories . . .

~ The slam of a wooden screen door at the farmhouse.

~ Catching fire flies with my cousins at my Ohio grandparents’  lakeside cottage.

~Snapping green beans with my grandmother

~Early morning fishing with my grandfather (grandma fried them for breakfast in cornmeal and my favorite part was the crispy tail — don’t think I could eat those now!)

~ Playing in the woods with my brother and floating things down the creek for hours.

~ Skunk cabbage

~ Whipporwills

~ Making trails in the tall grasses . . . spit bugs

~ Necco wafers and horehound candy

~ Strawberry shortcake suppers

~ Gramp perched high on the tall red tractor

~ Billowing curtains in the breeze

~ Winning an AM radio

~ Nights in White Satin

~ Sharing homemade rootbeer with our neighbors

~ Hiding under the covers when late night thunderstorms struck

~ Ice cold lake water

~ Rhubarb pie with ice cream

~ Bike rides on country roads

~ Pungent smells of bread & butter pickle preparations

June 20, 2011 . . . thankful for the rich childhood that I had.


a verse of Scripture . . .
“Keep your behavior excellent . . .”
1Peter 2:12

 beyond the front porch . . .
the sound of  a robin ~  muddy yard

remembering the weekend . . .
welcoming husband and son back from their trip ~ procrastination ~ preparing favorite “American” foods ~ special gifts

 around the kitchen . . .
bookbag from son’s trip ~ hockey bag with stinky equipment ~ baby bottles from early morning feeding
sun shining through dirty windows

 lessons from the bouncy seat . . .
“new delicious taste of oatmeal!”

 home school notes . . .
spring cleaning desk ~ lots of catch up ~ pictures to upload

 the apiary . . .
removed winter covers ~ dead bees removed from hive (they did all the work!) ~ need to check honey supply

plans for (rest) the week . . .
skype with daughter ~ polenta ~ ebay items ~ find english pea seeds

 at the morning watch . . .
 Finally the truth exposed . . . by Rob Bell

one of my favorite things . . .
Yvonne’s Daybook

Please share or link to your daybook under comments!


1.  Can’t tell the difference between black and navy socks (see #9).

2.  The ‘s-word’ is equally offensive as the ‘f-word’ regardless of how hard your teenager/young adult  tries to convince you otherwise.

3.   Reading movie subtitles (English)  are critical to your movie comprehension.

4.  Caring about mid-term elections.

5.  Locking up the house at night only to find the keys in the door the next morning.

6. Using Grandma’s vintage  mink stole to keep shoulders warm on cold winter evenings ~~ inside the house. AND you don’t care what PETA thinks . . .  Hmm, realizing that your own Girl Scout uniform can now be described as vintage on Ebay!

7.  Ordering hot WATER to drink at restaurants. Still holding out from ordering coffee with a hamburger at McDonalds — inspite of  receiving my membership kit from AARP.

8.  A pedicure requires the special knife tool  to ‘shave’ your heels.

9.  Not caring that you are wearing one blue and one black sock.

10.  Laughing when your granddaughter thinks she is starving.

BONUS (and my personal favorite):  Having a “happy place” and knowing how to get there in a moment’s notice.


“. . . holiness, without which no one will see the Lord.”
Hebrews 12:14

Which part of “NO ONE” do I not understand?




 “I am convinced that the first step toward attaining a higher standard of holines
is to realize more fully the amazining sinfulness of sin.”
Holiness, J. C. Ryle


I used to be so intimidated by ‘crepes’! The word alone creates deep, unstable emotions of kitchen-failure and insecurity.  Even Williams Sonoma tells me that my worn skillet won’t work — I must have a special pan!

Our son (and Mme Gerwing, his French teacher) convinced me otherwise. With 4 simple ingredients & Nutella — all pantry staples and yes, the worn skillet works perfectly — we now enjoy crepes!

2 eggs
1 cup flour
1 1/2 cup milk
2 T. oil or butter

Mix ingredients together with whisk until all ingredients are incorporated. Heat worn skillet with additional oil or butter (hot skillet works best). Our son prefers a 6″ diameter skillet. Pour batter into pan — thicker than you might think — KEY: be sure the batter goes up the side 1/16″ to 1/8″ which helps to flip.  The second side is very brief. Fill with Nutella.

Batter keeps in frig for a couple of days!

 “May the God of peace Himself sactify you completely . . .”
1Thessolonians 5:23

Sanctification means being made one with Jesus so that the nature that controlled Him will control us . . . It will cost absolutely everything in us which is not of God. —  Oswald Chambers

Four words which can occupy hours, days . . . a lifetime to answer . . .

How Much Is Enough?


The blogsphere is brimming with earthly wisdom on contentedness, striving for simplicity, and rules for minimalist living. The four words I love to turn over in my mind. BUT all these blogs have a GAPING hole. All of their heart’s desire can be found . . .

simply in Jesus Christ

It leaves me with the question, Why the striving to look everywhere except at the obvious, most accessible, most uncomplicated, prescription for simple daily living? Could it be that it requires something of me? Could it be that it is something too painful to identify let alone give up?

Simple Living as the world likes to call it is none other than Holiness to the Christian . . . and that is a scary word! But a word I want to wrestle with to . . .

understand holiness . . .

live holiness . . .

reflect holiness . . .

But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit. 2Corinthians 3:18

(To anyone who might be reading, please look at this post, Just Give Me Jesus, to be clear of what I believe holiness is not. This is not some infactuation with the mystical, experiential, or inward-looking obsessions. It will be a focused look at sin and sanctification.)

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