1.  Can’t tell the difference between black and navy socks (see #9).

2.  The ‘s-word’ is equally offensive as the ‘f-word’ regardless of how hard your teenager/young adult  tries to convince you otherwise.

3.   Reading movie subtitles (English)  are critical to your movie comprehension.

4.  Caring about mid-term elections.

5.  Locking up the house at night only to find the keys in the door the next morning.

6. Using Grandma’s vintage  mink stole to keep shoulders warm on cold winter evenings ~~ inside the house. AND you don’t care what PETA thinks . . .  Hmm, realizing that your own Girl Scout uniform can now be described as vintage on Ebay!

7.  Ordering hot WATER to drink at restaurants. Still holding out from ordering coffee with a hamburger at McDonalds — inspite of  receiving my membership kit from AARP.

8.  A pedicure requires the special knife tool  to ‘shave’ your heels.

9.  Not caring that you are wearing one blue and one black sock.

10.  Laughing when your granddaughter thinks she is starving.

BONUS (and my personal favorite):  Having a “happy place” and knowing how to get there in a moment’s notice.