With thanks to Yvonne’s comment on my first post, I realize that the question I am asking myself is misguided.

The question is not,

“Should I celebrate Christmas?” nor is it

“How should I celebrate Christmas?” 



The question is what does Scripture say about liberty — my freedom in Christ?


Because most of the challenges from other Believer’s is wrapped in the issue of ‘freedom’ then this must be greater question — and as I take a step back from the Christmas issue, the question of ‘freedom and liberty’ is the overarching question over many other activities and behaviors in a Christian’s life.

The above cartoon captures the essence of the question.  As Christians do we have freedom to or freedom from. They are very different.

If Christians look for answers from the culture we are told that we have freedom in Christ to . . .

. . . to participate in yoga as long as I am thinking/meditating on Scripture and Jesus

. . . to spend the 90% of my salary on myself if I am giving 10% to the Lord

. . . to skip worship because I am watching a TV Evangelist

. . . to drive a certain car / wear a certain brand / live in a certain neighborhood becasue it is good for my business
(and I do tithe)

. . . to join the worldly throng of celebrating Christmas because I am celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Take inventory of your heart and add to the list.

The law of liberty according to James 1:25

“But one who looks intently at the perfect law, the law of liberty, and abides by it, not having become a forgetful hearer but an effectual does, this man will be blessed in what he does.”

John MacArthur on this verse: The presence of His (God’s) grace does not mean there is no moral law or code of conduct for believer’s to obey. Believers are enabled by the Spirit to keep it (the perfect law of liberty). Liberty refers to the genuine freedom from sin. As the Holy Spirit applies the principles of Scripture to believers hearts, they are freed from sin’s bondage and enabled to obey God. Emphasis mine.

It is a perversion of Scripture to believe that God’s grace gives me freedom to indulge my carnal delights (wouldn’t that be so much easier?) Scripture convicts me that God’s grace give me freedom from the bondage of sin.

And if I don’t find more comfort in the latter than the former aren’t I too tied to the world and have lost sight of my eternal perspective?