December 2009

Our New Edens (the Christian Home)
J. R. Miller, 1903

Jesus comes to the door of each home of ours and says, “Peace be to this house!” We should let the messenger of peace come in. Nothing good ever comes of fretting. We cannot get clear of cares. There are troubles enough in any of our lives to spoil our happiness, if we yield to them. But no matter what comes, what burdens press, what things go wrong, what flowers fade, listen to the Master’s word at the door, “Peace be to this house!”

How can we make new Edens of our homes? What are some of the secrets of home happiness? I might gather them all into one word and say—CHRIST! If we have Christ as our guest—our home will be happy!

Christ in the joy—and Christ in the sorrow;
Christ in the day of plenty—and Christ in the day of pinching poverty;
Christ in the business—and Christ in the social life;
Christ at the marriage altar—and Christ as the wedded pair walk together toward the sunset gate.

Christ makes a happy home—when He is admitted into all the household life!  Read the entire message.


Grab the hot beverage of your choice and enjoy a lovely house tour without leaving your favorite, comfy chair!

I’ll be home for Christmas

The Simple Woman’s Daybook
December 14, 2009

outside my window . . .
 warmer & wet
I am remembering . . .
freezing rain on Sunday and the lovely gift of a simple day at home * breakfast and shopping with a good friend * cutting our Christmas tree with another family *
Bert’s hotdog shack * chocolate mint Cliff Bar * the Christmas play

I am thankful  . . .
 how God’s surprises me
from the kitchen . . .
cake ball recipe * roast in the crockpot with veggies & sweet potatoes *
remnants of caramel chocolate chip covered apples (a gift from Grandma)

I am thinking . . .
simple decorations * clusters of pine boughs in containers by the doors

around the learning rooms . . .
poinsettia charcoal drawing * book bags * History of US book set * the beginnings of the annual ‘gingerbread’ design * staging area for decorations

I am reading . . .
Shop Smart (publication of Consumer Reports) a gift from mom

my favorite things . . .
smell of fresh pine * rainy days at home * bread machine

a few plans for the rest of the week . . .
Preparing a daily schedule to get everything done by Christmas 

a verse of Scripture . . .
  “House and wealth are an inheritance from fathers,
But a prudent wife is from the Lord” Proverbs 19:14

Here is a picture thought I am sharing of a favorite Story and Movie . . .


Our New Edens
(the Christian Home)
J. R. Miller, 1903

Parents are the custodians of their children’s lives. If they would meet their responsibility and be able to look God and their children in the face at the judgment, they must make their homes as nearly ‘gardens of Eden’ as possible.

The way to save your children from the temptations of the streets–is to make your home so bright, so sweet, so beautiful, so happy, so full of love, joy and prayer–that the streets will have no attractiveness for them–no power to win them away. “Do not be overcome by evil–but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21

The place of the home-life among the influences which mold and shape character, is supreme in its importance. Our children are given to us in tender infancy–to teach them and train them for holy, worthy, beautiful living.  Read the rest of this article.

Make your home so sweet, so heavenly, with love and prayer and song and holy living–that all through it, there shall be the fragrance of the heart of Christ!

Since my life has expanded to include a full time job (with friends I truly enjoy) — it has become even more important to tend to our home in the ways that are meaningful to my family. 

I love this subtitle I found on a blog:

“Where home is the priority and work happens.”

Simple living has even become more important to me — it minimzes the house chores, frees up ‘space’ to spend time with family and friends, and prioritizes my efforts.

So when I found this simple project . . . I just had to share it.

DIY Winter Candles

In The Words of columnist Rebecca Hagelin of the Heritage Foundation:

“There is a pattern here and it will not change as long as we don’t recognize that our little girls are being used. The mass marketers of Hollywood hype know that today’s youth spend some 200 billion dollars a year of their own money on trinkets, music and all the accessories that go with it. They also know that pre-teen girls are easily manipulated and that more than anything else, want to be popular as they grow into young adults. So, they discover cute, talented young girls, make them superstars by playing on your daughter’s dreams of glitz, and morph the ‘wholesome’ starlets into trampy sex stars as they grow older, hoping to take the dollars of your girls with them. … History repeats itself. You know what happened to teen idol Britney Spears. America’s little girls and their moms swooned and spent millions on Britney fashions. However, just as the Britney wannabes reached critical mass, the star’s light started to short circuit. Her sexy ways quickly turned into bizarre behavior, drug problems and a raunchy attitude. Not to worry, High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens was there to take her place. But just as Vanessa hit her zenith in the eyes of our little girls, nude photos and other sexual revelations about her captured the headlines. Down came Vanessa and up went the posters of the twinkling, sparkly Miley Cyrus. Now Miley has made the transition to tramp too. And millions of preteen girls have, once again, been manipulated into believing that being trampy is not only normal, but is the only way to succeed. It’s time for moms to wake up and protect our little girls from being used.  Read More

HT: Samuel at Gilgal

by Ted Baehr (and Lighthouse Trails Research)

“When you buy tickets to spiritually confused and biblically illiterate witchcraft and vampire movies, or nasty sex comedies, you are NOT drawing closer to God. You are pulling away. You do damage to the most important relationship in your life.”

This past weekend, over 12 million people voted with their entertainment dollars to see “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.” Several million were no doubt church-going teenagers and young adults.”

“New Moon” is a spiritually confused, dangerous work.

On the one hand, it metaphorically asks the question, “How can I overcome my sinful nature and save my soul?” Thus, the “good” vampires in the movie are constantly trying to overcome their lust for human blood, often succeeding but sometimes failing. On the other hand, the movie’s heroine decides she wants to risk the possibility of losing her soul by becoming a vampire so that she can be with the vampire she loves.

Jesus Christ is very clear about the real spiritual dangers in this second message when He asks His disciples in Mark 8:36, “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?”   Read the rest of the article

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