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A new blog that I have been enjoying is Berean Wife. Hat Tip to her article, “Is Public School Cheaper Than Homeschooling?”  Since many of us must always be prepared to defend our homeschooling program — this is a very creative angle. We are saving the government money.

The US spends an average of 8,700 dollars per student a year! I wish that they would pay me just a quarter of that since I have educated my children but still pay taxes! If you use a very conservative estimate of $5,000 a year, I have saved the government $60,000 in educating my oldest. Over $150,000 over the years of homeschooling all mine thus far. It will be a total savings of over $300,000 by the time all my children graduate! ($5000 times 60 total years of school) We have saved every taxpayer and yet we continued to pay our (un)-fair share.

Nestled in ther Berean Wife’s post is another great article by Voddie Buchman . . .

A recent New York Times article made my skin crawl as it exposed the ugly reality that is modern American early education.  The innocence and gaiety that once characterized early childhood has been replaced with an Orwellian nightmare of factory-like systems designed to mold little human beings into mindless cogs in the statist machine.

Read the rest of the article:  No Time for Childhood by Voddie Baucham