laptopIt has been a full 7 days since my laptop and I spent time together. Our parting has been painful. I feel so lonely. It was such a huge part of my life.  When it left me last Wednesday it took with it parts of me that I will never be able to recover.

We did everything together, went everywhere together — we were inseperable. We watched movies with the family, we homeschooled together, we sat in bed together, played games together, and made friends on the internet together.

Had I known that last Wednesday morning would be our last I would have savored (AND SAVED) every moment — every word, every thought . . .

I have vowed to never give so much of myself away, ever again!  I have a new love — my daytimer 🙂

. . . What a week this has been — my laptop is out of commission — not permanently — but it has forced me to realize the attachment addiction  idol it has become in my life.

Life is simpler without it.

Multi-tasking has diminished, blogging and posting have been minimal at best, and no emails!

Here is what I did with all that time —

Dug out unfinished needlework, baked muffins in the morning (three times!), had regular devotions, cleaned out the coat closet, paid more attention to our son’s homeschooling, worked in the garden more often, and relaxed with the family in the evening.

I am now ‘sharing’ a computer which will help keep my addiction at bay. So although my laptop could be fully restored, I am not going to do it right now.

The Lord was very gentle with His lesson for me.