seed-packetsIt is the first day of spring! Hope the weather in your part of the country permits you to get outside and soak in some sunlight!

The question of the day:  Will a modest family garden save money?  As we were cutting the sod for our new garden; we joked about this very topic. Is all this work and cost going to only produce a $5 tomato?

Expenses to date:  Sod cutter (shared with friends & a pizza) — $50.00, Starter peat greenhouse & soil — $13.00, Seed packets and 6 pack of broccoli plants — $20.00. Total to date — $73.00.

To my delight this article from  addresses this question and I am very encouraged and will try to document our savings! If you haven’t already planned your garden, use their garden tool in the right column. It is fabulous, fun, educational, and practical!