laundry-lineOne of my favorite carousels was Living Simply Saturdays created and hosted by Stephanie at Keeper of the Home. This wise woman has realized that this commitment is very time consuming and burdensome and has decided that its season has ended. I so appreciate her dedication to priorities.

Although I am not committing to an ‘every weekend post’ — I do enjoy this category to reflect upon. I am also interested in your thoughts. Let’s just see where it goes.

In our part of the country temperatures will be mild this week — I do expect a snowstorm before spring is here to stay. I am fighting the urge to put the wicker on the front porch . . .

However, I am going to start hanging laundry this week — and you must read this post, Romance and the simple Life, from Amy’s Humble Musings.

Also slated for this weekend is Garden design and location decisions. My friend, Jane, provided this helpful site, — it is FREE you can design all aspects of your garden. A must look! We also have to design a fence — I am not into sharing with the local critters!

Other items on the weekend MITs (Most Important Things):

Laundry Detergent from the Duggar Family
Fabric Softener Sheets — I am making the Reuseable Dryer Sheets
Hearty Whole Wheat Cookies — all ready done — Very, Very Yummy
Clean inside Trail Blazer — son is working on this project as we speak.

Saturday Night Dinner Menu — My husband like many others is working really long hours during the week so Saturday and Sunday will be the most dependable evenings to have dinner together and I will share the menu plans!

Pot Roast in the Crock pot — seasoned with garlic, S & P, worcestshire sauce, red wine vinegar, thickened with tomato paste.
Whole Wheat egg noodles
Sweet Potatoes & something green!
Cracked Wheat Sunflower Bread (machine)
(update — forgot the yeast! — so trying to make thin slices into crackers?)

Let’s see, quickly cleaned the bedroom with my damp hair towel! Wiped down bathroom and washed rugs.

More gardening thoughts and a CVS plan will finish out the weekend! Blessings on your weekend!