Ever get WAY behind at home? This is what I am dealing with after fighting a pesty todo-listcold and sinus infection for 3+ weeks.

Where to begin tackling the dusting, vacuuming, office work, home school lessons, cooking (the homemade items we now depend on such as dog treats and ketchup), and decluttering. Not to mention the ‘extras’ I hoped to accomplish by now — cleaning ceiling fans, reorganizing the home office, and painting!

I manged to keep up with laundry — not so difficult, our children have done their own since they were 8 years old — and coupon cutting and organizing.

Perhaps many of you already make lists, I certainly do; but sometimes I need a power list. Those things that are the highest, most crucial priority, and I don’t go to bed until they are accomplished.

Most Important Thing

They are often the items that concern me the most and cause the most anxiety the longer they are left undone.

I select 6 yet many people who use this system choose only 3. Doing this daily will keep your home humming, the home business producing, and you will have peace of mind!

Need an idea to organize all the paper on your desk? Perhaps this post about the 43 folder system will help.