Many of you know that I love this phrase:

Deepening the Pantry

I think it reminds me of my grandmother’s ‘time’. When women really took charge of their homes, made everything from scratch, and pinched a penny until it screamed.


Many financial analysts speak of when ‘ the economy will rebound’ . Well I don’t believe it. I have wondered what those who weathered the depression or were children during the depression thought about those times.

Although I am not worried because I know Who wins in the end and on that truth I stand. However, it doesn’t mean we cannot be prepared for whatever the future holds. Today money is tight everywhere!

Brenda at Coffee, Books, Tea, and Me quite often posts on ‘deepening the pantry’. She has some wonderful suggestions along with timely inspiration on the subject.

Since I have been couponing (not sure if this is a word), I have been able to deepen our shelves with canned goods, dry goods, and freezer items. I now want to be a little more intentional.

Each month I am going to focus on one area of our groceries. This month it will be baking items. Since I am saving on the day-to-day foods, I will use$5-$10 of that savings to stock the pantry shelves. Just so you know there is nothing special about our pantry. It is 4 shelves in our basement!

I tend to keep sugar and flour well stocked. So the extras will include:

Cocoa powder
Chocolate Chips (a variety) (these freeze)
Brown sugar — keeping a par of 2 on the shelf
Olive Oil — I think I will keep one open (to refill the smaller containers) and one unopened all the time
Milk has been priced very low in our area, so time to freeze by the 2 cup fulls.

Please share what you might stock, in case I have forgotten something!