stone-heartThe pardoned sinner is a weeping sinner. Never did any man read his pardon with dry eyes! Look upon that weeping penitent, “she stood behind Christ weeping.” Tears were distilled out of her penitent heart! O, how precious were Mary’s tears–surely more costly in Christ’s esteem than her ointment! They dropped from her eyes–as so many diamonds!

Her amorous eyes, whose sparkles had so often set on fire all her lovers, she now seeks to be revenged on them–and washes Christ’s feet with her tears! Her embroidered hair, which had so often as a net, ensnared others–she now makes it towel to wipe Christ’s feet! Here was a pardoned penitent. A pardon will turn the stony heart into a spring of tears! O sinner, ask yourself the question–Is your heart dissolved into tears? Does it melt for sin? God seals His pardons only upon melting hearts.

Nothing can melt the stony heart of a sinner
–but the blood of Christ.

The pardoned sinner looks upon a bleeding Christ
with a bleeding heart.

Thomas Watson, 1620-1686
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