Spring has been on my mind for a couple of weeks. The light seems to have 20-little-thingschanged, a fresh smell is in the air, and the sounds of spring birds greet the morning. All of God’s creation prepares to burst forth with new life.

The Inspired Room invites us to share our 20 little things to look forward to in spring.

1.  Open windows and blowing curtains.
2.  Capris with a cotton sweater.
3.  Garden plans.
4.  Asparagus crowns.
5.  Perennial garden awakening.
6.  Front Porch furniture in place.
7.  Morning coffee, lap blanket, morning devotions on the porch.
8.  Dogs laying in the sun.
9.  The first grilled burgers of the season.
10. Daffodils in the fields.
11. Robins nesting.
12. Thunderstorms.
13. Yardsales.
14. Strawberries.
15. Cut forsythia branches on the kitchen table.
16.  The music of spring peepers.
17. Puddles.
18. Longer days.
19. Freshening the house & removing winter trappings.
20. An evening breeze.