lenten-practicesOver at the blog I share with my sister-in-law, Yvonne; I posted about my questions concerning Lent. Basically, what is the purpose of observing 40 days of Lent? Especially, being of the reformed faith and not Roman Catholic.

Most importantly,
How does Scripture direct us in this area?
Were there rituals that the Father asked of the Son?


The pastor of a local non-denominational church, South Hills Bible Chapel, wrote this devotion based on Micah 6:8

He has told you, O man, what is good;
And what does the Lord require of you
But to do justice to love kindness,
And to walk humbly with your God?

From the desk of Pastor Ron Moore:
Micah, a contemporary of Isaiah, was a prophet to the nation of Israel when the people were religious runaways. They went through the religious motions while living with their backs turned on God.  It’s amazing, isn’t it, how you can run from God and still pretend to care. So Micah called them on their rituals and called them to a real relationship with God. In effect, Micah said, forget what you can give up during the Lenten calendar. God wants all of you during the yearly calendar.
In our passage today Micah focused on three requirements. One deals with our relationship with God…we are to walk humbly with Him. That means He sets the pace and selects the paths. We submit ourselves to His leading. Two requirements address our relationship with others. We are to treat those in our lives with justice (honest, fairness, kindness) and with mercy (Remember grace is receiving what we don’t deserve. Mercy is not receiving what we do deserve).
So a word to all the religious runaways…it’s time to come back home, drop the religious pretence, and start (or restart) a real, meaningful, satisfying relationship with the living God. He wants you…all the time…not just a commitment to forty-days with no chocolate.
Father, remind us that living for You is about all of us every day all the time. Break down our pretenses and break through to our heart. In Christ’s Name. Amen.