March 2009

menusWas hoping to post this thought yesterday — but here it is today. Since I am struggling to break out of the rut of meals with the same ingredients: namely pasta and chicken; I thought others might be also!

Every Monday, I’m an Organizing Junkie, hosts a Menu Plan Monday carousel. A wealth of fresh ideas, recipes, and shopping lists.

Last week’s highlighted dinner was Chicken, Basil, and Spinach Quesadillas. Just the inspiration I needed for our family tonight!

At least it doesn’t include pasta!



There doesn’t seem to be anything ‘simple’ about this weekend. Plans changed, some concerns have raised their ugly heads, and I got a speeding ticket. So I feel like I am treading water just to keep my nose above it all . . . Have you been there?

Returning home  — safely — which is a blessing given the way the day has gone and checking email; I read today’s Grace Gem.

Nothing is simpler than Christ Jesus. He is the wind in my sails. And if I am able to maintain that perspective this weekend — it will be simply glorious.

If there were an ant at the door of your granary (Grace Gems)

(Charles Spurgeon)

“Do not be afraid–for I Myself will help you–declares the Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel.” Isaiah 41:14

This morning, let us hear the Lord Jesus speak to each one of us:
I Myself will help you. It is but a small thing for Me, your God, to help you. Consider what I have done already. What! not help you? Why, I bought you with My blood. What! not help you? Why, I have died for you! And if I have done the greater–will I not do the lesser? Help you? Before the world began–I chose you. I laid aside My glory and became a man for you. I gave up My life for you! And if I did all this–I will surely help you now. If you had need of a thousand times as much help–I would give it to you. You require little, compared with what I am ready to give. It is much for you to need–but it is nothing for Me to bestow.

What! not help you? Fear not! If there were an ant at the door of your granary, asking for help–it would not ruin you to give him a handful of your wheat! Just so, you are nothing but a tiny insect at the door of My all-sufficiency!”

I Myself will help you!” O my soul, is not this enough? Bring your empty pitcher here! Surely this well will fill it. Hasten! gather up your needs, and bring them here–your emptiness, your woes, your troubles. Behold, this river of God is full for your supply. What more can you desire? The Eternal God is your helper!

Amen and Amen!







fabric-softener1It is simple, frugal, and it really works. I cut 6 squares of flannel about 5″ x 5″. Soaked them in fabric softener just until all the material was absorbed, squeezed out excess  and dried on a rack.

Used one this morning and the clothes are static free and smell terrific. Supposedly each sqaure can be used in the dryer multiple times before resoaking. I will keep track and update this post.

This is  a must try!

seed-packetsIt is the first day of spring! Hope the weather in your part of the country permits you to get outside and soak in some sunlight!

The question of the day:  Will a modest family garden save money?  As we were cutting the sod for our new garden; we joked about this very topic. Is all this work and cost going to only produce a $5 tomato?

Expenses to date:  Sod cutter (shared with friends & a pizza) — $50.00, Starter peat greenhouse & soil — $13.00, Seed packets and 6 pack of broccoli plants — $20.00. Total to date — $73.00.

To my delight this article from  addresses this question and I am very encouraged and will try to document our savings! If you haven’t already planned your garden, use their garden tool in the right column. It is fabulous, fun, educational, and practical!

My loving husband, on his 2nd day of antibiotics, cut the sod from our 20 x 20 garden. Sharing this project with another family, we rolled the sod and moved it off to the side.


To the right are sod strips to be removed and on the left is the ‘bank’ which is being created with the sod strips!

Most Important Things List (done by Monday): Purchase seeds, start indoor seeds, purchase broccoli plants, fence garden, plant peas, order asparagus crowns.

Someday Soon List:  Wood for 3 bin compost, barrel for rain collection.

Wish List: The little building in the background — clean out for either a potting shed or hen house.



Few words have been used more inaccurately and loosely in recent years, than has “love.” With a great many people–it is but a synonym for moral laxity, weakness of character, a taking the line of least resistance, a quiet tolerating of what is felt to be wrong. — Arthur Pink (1943), Grace Gems

Just yesterday, was chatting with our high school home schoolers about the strength of Biblical ‘LOVE. The ‘love’ that Christ and Paul spoke of was one of transforming power and eternal rewards.

Our culture and world wants to wash it out and strip ‘Love’ of God’s power, mercy, and grace.

It is a cheap, disgraceful ‘Love’ which is packaged and sold to us! AND it is expensive!

Biblical Love says,

“I love you enough to walk beside you through the green pastures and in the valleys.”
Psalm 23

“I love you enough to show you the sin that separates us.”
Romans 3:19,20

“I love you enough to give you MY Son so you may have eternal life with ME.”
John 3: 16,17

and there are countless others ways that God demonstrates his Love for us.

This is one of the inevitable effects of the lopsided preaching of the pulpit, where the ‘love’ and ‘grace’ of God were constantly proclaimed–while His ‘justice’ and ‘wrath’ were studiously ignored. God is ‘light’ (1 John 1:5) as well as ‘love’ (1 John 4:8); ‘holy’ as well as ‘merciful’; ‘severe’ as well as ‘good’ (Romans 11:22). Unless the balance is preserved between those two sides of the Divine character, not only will He be grievously misrepresented–but the most serious results will follow!  Arthur Pink, Grace Gems

laundry-lineOne of my favorite carousels was Living Simply Saturdays created and hosted by Stephanie at Keeper of the Home. This wise woman has realized that this commitment is very time consuming and burdensome and has decided that its season has ended. I so appreciate her dedication to priorities.

Although I am not committing to an ‘every weekend post’ — I do enjoy this category to reflect upon. I am also interested in your thoughts. Let’s just see where it goes.

In our part of the country temperatures will be mild this week — I do expect a snowstorm before spring is here to stay. I am fighting the urge to put the wicker on the front porch . . .

However, I am going to start hanging laundry this week — and you must read this post, Romance and the simple Life, from Amy’s Humble Musings.

Also slated for this weekend is Garden design and location decisions. My friend, Jane, provided this helpful site, — it is FREE you can design all aspects of your garden. A must look! We also have to design a fence — I am not into sharing with the local critters!

Other items on the weekend MITs (Most Important Things):

Laundry Detergent from the Duggar Family
Fabric Softener Sheets — I am making the Reuseable Dryer Sheets
Hearty Whole Wheat Cookies — all ready done — Very, Very Yummy
Clean inside Trail Blazer — son is working on this project as we speak.

Saturday Night Dinner Menu — My husband like many others is working really long hours during the week so Saturday and Sunday will be the most dependable evenings to have dinner together and I will share the menu plans!

Pot Roast in the Crock pot — seasoned with garlic, S & P, worcestshire sauce, red wine vinegar, thickened with tomato paste.
Whole Wheat egg noodles
Sweet Potatoes & something green!
Cracked Wheat Sunflower Bread (machine)
(update — forgot the yeast! — so trying to make thin slices into crackers?)

Let’s see, quickly cleaned the bedroom with my damp hair towel! Wiped down bathroom and washed rugs.

More gardening thoughts and a CVS plan will finish out the weekend! Blessings on your weekend!

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