live-simply-saturday1I have had my fill of politics, heretics, and lunatics! Thought it might be a fun discussion to both share and contribute our top 10 items that can always be found in the refrigerator. Perhaps not the obvious like milk, eggs , butter, and condiments; but the ‘pantry’ type items on which you depend to prepare meals. Life is alot easier and meal preparations much smoother if my refrigerator is stocked with my dependable ingredients!

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Here’s what you will almost always find in my refrigerator:frig-2

  1. Block of parmesean cheese for grating, block of cheddar, bag of shredded motzerella
  2. Green Pepper, mushrooms, onion (I like to keep green onion too, but often forget)
  3. Romaine lettuce
  4. Yeast
  5. Brown mustard or dijon mustard for salad dressings
  6. Tortillas, flour: wheat & white
  7. Lemon & lime juice — try to keep a fresh lemon
  8. Worscestshire sauce
  9. Real maple syrup for oatmeal
  10. Horseradish

What do you stock in the refrigerator?