onemanband-2“Bring nothing to the spiritually starving but the
Gospel of our Jesus Christ”

1 Corinthians 15:1-4

 An excerpt from an excellent post by Steve Camp:

People are obsessed with programs today. The latest gimmick, method, fad, trend, cultural anomaly seems to govern the thinking of most church leaders in how they structure their church services and do ministry. Christian market researchers have made the audience sovereign and not honored God and His Word as the only true Sovereign in ministry. 

The new hermeneutic of the trendy reformed champion this paradigm: 

interpret Scripture through the lens of culture. Whether they are seeker-friendly; emerging; emergent; grunge; edgy; culturally contextualized; missional, blah-blah-blah-etc. – it’s really all the same… a man-centered means to doing divine ministry. 

Steve offers this story from Charles Spurgeon:
In the days of Nero there was great shortness of food in the city of Rome, although there was abundance of corn to be purchased in Alexandria. A certain man who owned a vessel… noticed many hungry people straining their eyes toward the sea, watching for the vessels that were to come from Alexandria with corn. When these vessels came to the shore, one by one, the poor people wrung their hands in bitter disappointment, for on board the galleys there was nothing but sand which the tyrant emperor had compelled them to bring for use in the arena. Then the merchant… said to his shipmaster, ‘Take thou good heed that thou bring nothing back with thee from Alexandria but corn; and whereas aforetime thou hast brought in the vessel a measure or two of sand, bring thou not so much as would lie upon a penny this time… for these people are dying, and now we must keep our vessels for this one business of bringing food for them.

“Alas, I have seen certain mighty galleys of late loaded with nothing but mere sand of philosophy and [entertainment], and I have said within myself, ‘I will bear nothing in my ship but the revealed truth of God, the bread of life so greatly needed by the people. “CHS

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