bread-machineMy husband gave me our first bread machine almost 15 years ago. It completed its last ‘dough mode’ in November of 2008.  It was a very sad day for our entire family as we realized that for a time there would be no more . . .

mouth-watering cinnamon rolls

convenient pizza dough

hearty italian, herb bread

Compounded by the fact that I had just purchased several intersting whole grain flours; raw, organic, shelled sunflower seeds; a pound of seseme seeds (from our co-op), a 7-grain add-in, wheat germ, and hulled flax seed.

Although I tried not to mope nor complain, I did anyway. I will always have a soft spot for my ‘first love’ . . . the replacement bread machine has settled into our home quite nicely. In fact, I hear her working even now . . .

My goal is to not purchase any bread!!! So I must share a favorite recipe that my friend, Jane, recommended. It rises well, firm texture for cutting (important for toast and sandwiches), and beautiful color!


Flax Seed Bread (for machine)

7/8 cup water
2T. butter
3T. molasses
1t. salt
2T. flax seed
1T. wheat gluten
2.5 cups flour (used 1.5 c. ww & 1 c. regular)
I also don’t use bread flour
1.5T. dry milk
1.5t. yeast

Medium size, light crust settings if your machine has this ability.