homemade-dinner-rolls2Found these profound and helpful questions at Leaving Excess:

“When I use something up or discover a need, I ask myself these questions:

Can I make it myself?
Use something I already have?
Make do without it? If not, how can I get it for less, with less waste and make it last longer.”

Biblical Womanhood features Frugal Fridays including a carousel of sharing which generates over 100 blogs with ‘frugal’ topics. Biblical Womanhood is posting about menu planning which is on the top of my list.

Found alot of quick menu inspirations in a Women’s Day magazine. Although I wanted to tear out the page — of course I didn’t –so discovered that on their web page they provide  ‘Month of Menus’  complete with shopping lists available to print!

Reaching Higher has a 4 Part series on Cooking for a Month: recipes, strategies for freezing and storage for a month of easy dinner preparations. This is my phase II of menu planning is to have some entrees made ahead and in the freezer. Homemade ‘Fast Food’!