springThere are so many thoughts floating in my mind this morning. A new habit I am trying to develop is a Friday, Weekly Review. This is part of the “Getting Things Done” system. It is excellent IF you do it. Founder, David Allen, focuses the Weekly Review for your office.  There is also spiritual mumbo jumbo that I overlook — thankfully it is not to pervasive.

I want to focus my Weekly Review on home management and reflect where the Lord met me. Kind of a follow-up/evaluation to my Monday Simple Woman’s Daybook.

Not sure yet how I evaluate a ‘good’ week. But inspite of being sick and husband out of town — it was a good week.

Home Management:

Recovered from busy weekend — laundry done, guest beds remade, refrigerator cleaned out, office straightened and a piece of furniture removed, ebay listings, some great math lessons with son, blogging again, managing insurance which was very profitable, compiled expenses for tax return which pleased my husband, scheduled a new Southen Living at Home (SLAH) party, organized coupons, updated grocery spreadsheet, and homemade dog treats.

Places where God met me:

Opportunity for ‘real’ conversations with a daughter, refreshing solitude in a doctor’s office,  providing savings in our budget, energy and motivation, His heart:

while driving found myself in tears after listening to 1 minute of news highlights on talk radio station . . .

1) 10 year old commits suicide in school
2)local teenager speeding at 100 mph in dangerous weather, slams into
     pick-up truck and dies
3)11 year old molested

Overwhelmed by the thought that this must be how our Heavenly Father must despair and mourn for us . . .

when emotional pain is deep, scarring, suffocating

when children are victimized

when some go to bed hungry, without a home, without a friend

when homes are filled with anger and violence

when His Children stumble, fall, and run-away . . .

from Him. Who wants nothing more than to comfort us and make the pain go away.

Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burden,
The God who is our salvation.   Selah
Psalm 68:19