simple-home2A Wise Woman Builds Her Home says this:

We may feel that examples of true biblical femininity are virtually non existent but it is the privilege of our generation to purposefully and deliberately pioneer and bestow this example on the world around us.

We must lead the way for millions of young and older Christian women who need to see the example of what a godly woman looks like, understanding that many generations will be impacted by our firm decision to be steadfast in God’s calling to be such. We cannot shrink back, we cannot be ashamed, we cannot be fearful….for this is the battleground and we will not be an army that retreats but we will defend the Truth and advance for His kingdom.

We must choose today to take back what has been stolen from us–

to replace the lies with the Truth,

to rebuild our marriages,

to take back our children,

to restore our homes ,

to renew a nation that desperately needs godly womanhood

to reform the culture around us

for as we do so,

we understand,

we are ultimately…

reviving and reconciling a dying and lost world to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

And the impact of that thought alone—renders me speechless

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