2009Happy New Year!

Many of my favorite discerning ministry sites are sharing their favorite posts and/or their top concerns from 2008. An informative, yet troubling recap for the past year.

Apprising Ministries: The Sad State of American Christianity

Light House Trails Research: The New Spirituality Made “Great” Strides in 2008

Understand the Times: Year End Review 2008, Top 25 news items relating to the Bible and Biblical Worldview.

This article is particularly interesting because Understand the Times {Roger Oakland} Highlights what they discern as 4 obvious trends emerging from 2008:



First, it is apparent, that a Christianity based on faith in the Word of God continues to be under attack from all angles.”



Second, this wide path leading towards an ecumenical union with Rome shows that the Roman Catholic Church’s “New Evangelization Plan” continues to be effective.”



Third, Israel, God’s Last Days time piece, continues to be the news on a daily basis.”



Fourth, the global financial meltdown that occurred this past year has become a major factor in setting up a global economic and political entity that prepares the way for a global currency the Bible predicts lies ahead. Major political and economic leaders from around the world, including the pope, have called for a New World Order and a One World Economy this past year.”



“Thus current events indicate to us that a “three-legged stool” is presently under construction – a global government, a global economy and a global spirituality. Understand The Times has chosen the Rick Warren DAVOS interview as the most significant news item for 2008 in light of Bible prophecy. in the news on a daily basis.”



Rick Warren’s Three Legged Stool Plan – DAVOS interview – 1/25/2008
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=je2FDmsrxiA  audio
http://www.understandthetimes.org/rwdavos.shtm transcript