israelThe more that happens in the Middle East the more I realize what I do not begin to understand. Below is a most excellent visual documentary of the history of Israel, Gaza, and West Bank. There is only so much one can read and digest, so this provides a very interesting visual overview.

Currently there are 2 significant decisions that the Palestinians madethis week which are escaping the mainstream media — at least Fox News.

{Map on left: light orange area=Israel; bottom lavender on the coast =Gaza, annexed from Egypt; larger middle lavender =West Bank, annexed from Jordon, which is the west bank of the Dead Sea}

1. Iran Sets Up Court to Try Israelis over Gaza

2. HAMAS legalizes the Crucifixion of Christians and other Enemies
HT Living Journey

What Really Happened in the Middle East  a production of the David Horowitz Freedom Center; A visual documentary of Israel in relation to Palestine.