cake-ball-1This has to be the best, homemade, gift-giving recipe that I have EVER done! If you have more time than money this recipe is for you!

It doesn’t get much simpler:

Step 1:  Cake mix baked by following directions on box, can of store-bought frosting.
Step 2:  Crumble cake in large bowl add frosting; create ‘truffle’ size balls with wet fingers. Place on baking sheets and refrigerate for an hour.
Step 3:  Dip in melted almond bark (chocolate or vanilla); embellish with sprinkles or frosting in a cake decorating tube with small tip. This is where the ‘more time than money’ surfaces. It took about 2 hours to dip the 150 ball and will gladly do it several more times!

The possible combinations are endless. For complete instructions and creative combinations visit All


My favorite is chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, dipped in chocolate! 90 scrumptious balls were created from this recipe. I also made Strawberry cake, vanilla frosting, vanilla dip. 60 melt-in-your mouth balls were created with this combo.

Slated for tomorrow: German Chocolate cake, caramel pecan frosting, chocolate dip and Chocolate cake, mint chocolate frosting, chocolate dip.

They keep well, pack nicely in small containers, and are loved by all who receive!