crown My intentions were to continue writing about the names for Christ that Isaiah spoke of in 9:6 but after a perusal of Drudge and the news; I find that this morning I need the comfort of the Savior’s sovereignty and perhaps you do as well.

“And the government will rest on His shoulders.”

These well-known words of Isaiah, remembered annually yet available to us daily, speak of the authority that Jesus will have and does have on the nations.

It establishes the unending, never changing . . . who . . . is in control.

Amid  . . . greedy union executives & potential job loss of thousands 

swindling wall street executives & and a plummeting economy

shady friends of the President-Elect & the disregard for accountability

discovering the remains of a little child & parents who cannot or will not care for their children.

Jesus is in control

God, in His infinite love and mercy spoke forward to Isaiah of a sign and a hope; and that very same God calls us to remember that same sign and hope who we now know in the person and in the divine,
“Immanuel”, God with us.
(Isaiah 7:14)