Still alot of chatter happening at the Christian Stay At Home Mom’s blog! Picked up this comment. A husband & dad makes an excellent comparison that will ‘hit home’ with most women!


Craig Gleason` on December 8th, 2008 10:21 pm

Ok, let’s change the scene. If having a speck of good in it (no sex) causes it to be “ok” for our kids. How about this. Why not let your husband go to a strip club and be entertained a little bit. The dancer isn’t going to have sex with him. It’s all harmless right? It will show him that there are ladies out there with a good message and morals, even though they are involved in unacceptable acts. I have two words for you “Christian” home school moms. ABSOLUTE TRUTH. My suggestion in love is that you wake up and smell the coffee. Jesus didn’t go to the cross for you to be this foolish. If you want the world and love it so much, then take the title Christian off of your name.

A homeschool father of two.

Thanks so much, Craig!