Ladies, I must say, after being in the fray of all the Twilight discussions, it is refreshing to think about recipes! Thank you for asking!

This is an adapted recipe from my friend Carolyn who is another mom in our homeschooling group. As women do when gathered together we chat about recipes and after a while child labor 🙂

soup-potIf I had just read this recipe in a magazine, I NEVER would have made it but after tasting Carolyn’s it was all I could think about (well, not quite) for weeks. Enjoy!

1 15 oz. can of solid packed pumpkin
2 15 oz. can of diced tomatoes (used frozen stewed from the garden)
1/2 green pepper and onion — sauteed these in olive oil. I used almost a whole onion
6 Turkey Italian Sweet Sausages, removed from casing, browned
4 cups of water (I used chicken stock) — I may have used more, you can decide based on the ‘thickness’ you prefer.
Chili and cumin based on your preference. I used a dash of chili and no cumin.
Pinto beans (not in original recipe but we like, used about 2 cups)
1 can of green beans (not in original recipe) ~~ the beauty of soup!

Simmered for an hourish.  Best part — family didn’t know it was pumpkin until after dinner.