twilight-movie-2This movie is not just tantilizing the interests of teen girls but their mothers’ as well!

Adult woman @blogher

So, IF YOU WANT TO LOVE THE MOVIE—and who doesn’t–Look for where the REAL MAGIC HAPPENS: IN THEIR EYES. Rob HAS mastered Edward in the eyes! The intensity of his love & desire for Bella is evident in his hypnotic fix as they are locked into each others gaze. SIMPLY BRILLIANT!  

Another adult woman/mom:

I want to see it, but i am not going to fight the teenage crowd.  I can wait.  I borrowed the book from my foster daughter and totally loved it. After the first book, I was hooked.

I am also wickedly into True Blood on HBO.  Season finale this weekend. cheers

But, one woman is rational enough to sound an alarm! Lucy Mangan writes for the United Kingdom’s Guardian:

It sounds melodramatic and shrill to say that Bella and Edward’s relationship is abusive, but as the story wears on it becomes increasingly hard to avoid the comparison, as she gradually isolates herself from her friends to protect his secret, and learns to subordinate her every impulse and movement to the necessity of not upsetting Edward and his instincts (“I could quite easily kill you, Bella, by accident”), until by halfway through she is trying to suppress her very pulse (“my blood was racing and I wished I could slow it, sensing that this must make everything so much more difficult”) and planning her movements like a chess game – “I worried that it would provoke the strange anger that flared whenever I slipped and revealed too clearly how obsessed I was.” Whenever she responds physically to his kisses, he immediately draws away and berates her.

Supporters will call this the erotics of abstinence. I call it fear and distaste for female sexuality and a poisonous message to be feeding young women.

What do you call this movie?