christmas-carouselI am thrilled to be a part of this thoughtful carousel, simply celebrating Christmas hosted by keeper of the home.

Since we are at the ‘beginning’ of the season, we have been evaluating many sides of the holiday. . .
decorating, a tree?
gift giving,
family programming,
church programming.

I am most intrigued by a question my friend asked herself while struggling with the non-believers in her family.

What ‘looks’ different about the way my family celebrates Christmas and the way my sister’s family celebrates Christmas?”

A profound question . . . and I don’t know the answer.

If you could peek into our home and be the proverbial fly-on-the-wall you might see how we are different — morning devotions focused on Christ, heart-cleaning for His purpose and presence in our lives; homemade gifts arranged in a basket; minimal decorating; and no regard for the tradition of Santa Claus.

Yet, the question still persists, How do we ‘look different’ to the watching world?It may take a few days, weeks or my life time to answer.