During this time of year, when I think about Advent, several words come to mind . . .

a journey

the road

our trip to Bethlehem.

In my quest for defining simplicity and living it, I quickly and easily identified a few components to simplicity: removing the unnecessary from our home, reducing prepared & packaged foods, and keeping my priorities straight. But I felt like I still had not quite captured the essence of simplicity. It seems just a little out of reach . . . and then this morning the Lord gently nudged me through His Word . . .


Life is a journey and even an adventure. Change is constant — within myself and within my environment. Sometimes the journey is fluid as life fluctuates and more times than I would prefer the journey is rather bumpy, painful, and tiresome.

In my quiet time this morning, I realized the  beginning to the answer.

The load is just too heavy. Not the external load of family, friends, caring for our home, working a small business BUT the internal baggage of sinful me.

This year on my journey to Bethlehem to kneel before the King, I hope to unpack some baggage along the way and travel lightly.

Today, I began with Romans 13:14. But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh in regards to its lusts” After considering the richness and depth of this short verse, the nugget of truth I want to ponder for the next few weeks is “put on the Lord Jesus Christ” .

My study notes enhanced the meaning — “This phrase summarizes the continuing spiritual process in which those who have been saved by faith are transformed into His image and likeness. The image of putting on clothes symbolic of thoughts and behavior.

That give me plenty to ponder, how about you?  I would love for you to walk along side of me for the next few weeks ~~ just maybe traveling lightly appeals to you too. 

Wouldn’t you love to skip to Bethlehem?