Your prayers are needed today for our son’s close friend.

Thursday, 4:35 p.m. update. The boy is being moved out of ICU, bleeding seems to have stopped, heart rate down, SI-1 being left to heal on its own. Thank you for your prayers. One continued prayer — we have materials and volunteers but need some guidance on how to build a ramp at the family’s home. Please pray for that information. He might be coming home on Friday!

Thursday 1:34 est. update. It appears the internal bleeding has stopped. Doctors hope to have him sitting in a chair this afternoon. The father said that things seem to be headed in the right direction! Thanks for your continued prayers.

Although you don’t seem so “invisble” to me anymore but parts of the Body of Christ throughout the world {such a warm, reassuring thought}. I know there must be some prayer-warriors among you.

While playing yesterday afternoon after homeschooling group a headstone in a cemetary fell onto a 12 year old boy. His injuries are significant but do not seem to be life threatening. The pelvis is fractured and he will be in a wheel chair 4-6 weeks and a broken hand in a cast.

Specifically pray for the SI1 joint to understand what is going on {pictures shows it has spread apart} — and it may be the source of the internal bleeding. Pray for the bleeding to stop and/or find the source. Internal organs are cleared. Heart rate needs to go down (connected with the blood loss). After a transfusion it did go down! Next set of blood tests are at 10 a.m.EST, Thursday morning

Pray for the boy’s friends who were with him, a younger brother and of course the parents.

I am left with these thoughts . . .

 our relationships are precious . . .

a gift from the Almighty . . .

Nothing enters our life which has not been sifted through His hand.

Thank you for your prayers — will keep you updated.