ellen-and-horseThis is a beautiful week filled with warm sunshine which is probably the final opportunity to “tuck in the gardens” for winter and prepare the outside of our home for the freezing cold months ahead!

As our son and I were moving porch furniture, making room in the carriage house for the car; I discovered a pile of dirty, manure-stained, smelly winter horse blankets! Thankfully due to the warm weather and a little determination, I hosed-off the one that the horse pictured left needs.

Our daughter (freshman in college) finances her horse-habit and works very hard to pay her bills. On the top of the list is a new winter horse blanket because the old one is torn.  Well, I discovered the 12″ area and it was right on a seam. By most standards very “mendable”. But was I willing to tackle it? The cost of the new one is in the $85 – $125 range. As I looked at that disgusting pile, a huge part of me thought it would be {her} money well spent!

Oh, but that little nagging voice just wouldn’t go away: “Fiscal responsibility begins at home, money is tight and getting tighter, how am I caring for the Lord’s provision, Ellen will be so excited!” Sadly, but honestly, it was my hard-working daughter’s enthusiastic voice that tipped the scales.p1010007

I spent 3 mentally-struggling hours on the project. The sewing machine wasn’t strong enough to handle the job after multiple tries which meant handstitching. Placing that disgusting pile of fabric on my lap! Thankfully, realized how much better the whole situation was because the looming project could be accomplished in the warm sunshine on the front porch. 

While stitching, my thoughts wandered —

Years ago, when you couldn’t pick up a phone (or surf the internet) to order “new”; women probably mended everything from socks to “unmentionables” to horse blankets!

The stitches were straining, my hands were dry and dirty, my clothes were dirty — stitch by stitch it was a shear battle. The prevailing thought echoed in my mind, “as unto the Lord”.  Every daily, mundane task takes on a fresh purpose and a higher priority with that simple phrase.

Isn’t it all about Him? Our son watched, our daughter was thrilled, and I made/saved $80 an hour! It was truly a labor of love . . . and discipline. Love of family and Love of the Lord.