cut-cookies-1Last weekend I decided to make a batch of sugar cookie dough. Our daughter was coming home from college and she thought it might be fun to bake cut-cookies with her boyfriend.

Well, when Friday night arrived the two college students were a little too tired to take on the project after creating their Jack-O-Lantern.

In the peace and quiet of Saturday morning I began the process. Gathered the tools which you see pictured left and quickly rolled the dough, cut and baked the pumpkin shaped cookies.

Without the distraction of television or people my mind explored the details of what I was doing. I realizcut-31ed that the rolling pin belonged to my Grandmother Ellen, the cookie dough recipe (which I will share because it is spectacular!) is my mother’s, and I was the baker — 3 generations! Memories of my grandmother and making Christmas cookies with my brother and mom played before my eyes. Precious reminiscings from such a simple task.

That morning, alone in the kitchen many years of women converged, as I rolled and baked these cookies. Three generations of love wrapped into one Saturday morning project and a fourth generation who enjoyed the fruits of their labor.

What a simple blessing.

cut-4Mom’s Christmas Cookie — does not need refrigeration before using! However, it stores nicely in the frig if you want to make it ahead of time.

4 cups flour
1.5 T baking powder {1/2 T=1.5t}
Mix together and cut in 1cup shortening
1t. salt
1.5 cups brown sugar
2 beaten eggs
1t. baking soda dissolved into 2T boiling water
1t vanilla

Mix ingredients all together. Roll to about 1/4″ thick. These do rise and expand beautifully. Bake in a 350 degree preheated oven for about 6-7 minutes. I would set the timer for 5 minutes and adjust for your oven. Makes approximately 3-5 dozen depending on the thickness and size of cutter. Let me know how they turn out!