If you are a Lion King (the Broadway Show) fan, you will remember this song “The Morning Report” with a very catchy jingle. Great show ~~ bad theology, yet the phrase captures the goal for this new post series.

The hope is that daily (??) I will check my favorites for the best of the best posts that in my humble opinion are worth your time and consideration. The topics will range from home-keeping to theology-watch, and maybe a sprinkling of politics). Would love to hear your comments on any of the day’s links.  Enjoy!

A Little Leaven: A Museum of Idolatry (humor)

Free John MacArthur, Apprising Ministries

A Woman’s Guide to Caring for Aging Parents (Audio), Crosstalk

Nutritional Foundation: Making the Best of the Regular Grocery Store-Part 6, Keeper at Home

Decorating “Smecorating” (loved this one!), A Place Called Home

Supreme Court being asked to HALT Tuesday’s vote, World Net Daily
Fascinating, let’s take a poll on this one!