Friday is my weekend prep day and heaven help the person who get’s in my way! 

So on today’s agenda is a roasted chicken soup, meatballs, pumpkin cake, applesauce & applebutter. The cleaning was done yesterday because I had a Tastefully Simple party last night for a friend. If you have never had one of these parties — they are alot of fun, you are given all the mixes to make the food and you get to enjoy the leftovers — the frig is stocked with lots of yummy dips, marinara sauce (hence the meatballs for tonight’s dinner) and beer bread for the soup.

My favorite simplifying kitchen appliance is a bread machine!  Just love it. Making sub rolls for the meatballs today also — it allows me to throw in a scoop of wheat flour unbeknowst to our son! We have a local co-op and an amish store which provides interesting grains and flours to create healthy, robust breads. The family favorite has to be sweet rolls often served with soup and chicken dinners.

In my panic yesterday of not having enough food for my guests, I whipped up a {pumkin cake} that I must share with you! 

1 package cake mix (Aldis) called for spice cake, only had yellow so added 1t. each cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger)

3 eggs

15oz can solid packed pumpkin (Aldis) NO OIL! and lots of vitamins!

Bake in a bundt pan at 350 for about 45-55 minutes. Glazed with 1 cup powdered sugar with caramel flavoring and a little milk if necessary. I used a combo of about 6t. for the consistency I wanted. Fall colored sprinkles on top!  It is so moist and delicious. 


The most interesting component to the {weekend plans} is watching our neighbor’s 3 month old baby. This is one of those times when I have to rearrange my thoughts and align with the Lord’s. To see any distraction or interruption of my “sacred” schedule as a divine assignment. This is one of those times — make no mistake I am not trying to bring attention to my “good deeds” but confess my struggle —  to discard my schedule and realign my priorities with the Lord’s. It is humbling and throws my entire reliance onto God to take care of my “to do list”. I am often shocked into awareness that MY sacred list wasn’t really all that important. There’s a surprise.

I am reminded that we don’t have to look much beyond our driveway for mission work. We don’t need some grandiose assignment with lots of attention and praise by others.

Just simple, humble obedience.

My favorite type of evangelism is trying to live separate from the world, impacting a life,  leave them puzzled that something was different, and pray for the opportunity to tell them The Source of the difference.

The weekend plans, menus and even the pumpkin cake are all important ways to care and nurture my family but loving {of which I am not capable without a desire to serve the Lord} the young mother of two by caring for her infant son so she can train in her new job  — in God’s economy is priceless. The applesauce may have to wait.