Calling all contenders for the faith . . .

 . . . Is it a wolf in sheep’s clothing?


There is an organization Coalition for Christian Outreach, (CCO), who has a very intentional ministry to primarily college students and in some cases youth in OH, PA, WVA, Metro Philly, Metro DC, NY, NJ. They are slowly (yet in my opnion intentionally) going down the emerging slippery slope.

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Annually there is a huge conference called Jubilee which is always in Pittsburgh, PA. This year’s speaker is Andy Crouch from Christianity Today International and was the editor-in-chief of re:generation quarterly, “a magazine for an emerging generation of culturally creative Christians.” (Culture Making)

Tightly tied to CCO is a book store: Hearts and Minds and its owner Byron Borger.

I am beginning conversations with this organization {as a donor/supporter of this ministry for 10 years} to let them know that their direction is not only misguided and possibly heretical but they are deceiving hundreds of college students, college staffs, youth, congregations, and people in the community.

While I don’t question their mission, necessarily, I do question their ideology/theology/worldview, etc. What do you think?  PLEASE, leave any additional comments (accessed at the top of this blog)  that might be useful to the “conversations” that I will be having! THANK YOU so much!