Welcome to Living Simple Saturdays hosted by Keeper of the Home! A day to share the “simple” meaning & purpose of life. 

This has been a week full of words. Talking, writing, and reading. Honestly, I think I watched too much Fox News and listened to the conservative talk radio in our area. With the United States embroiled in politics and the economy — I think I hit overload.

What sounds beautifully simple to me today is fewer words. Remember the song “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music? As Maria’s list of favorites floated through my mind a new list formed to the same tune came to me — a list of things that happen during an average day for which I am so thankful. What a blessed surprise!

Probably most of us walked through these last few days with different eyes and a thankful heart for what we have {all the while more aware of what we might loose}.

A Wise Woman Builds Her House wrote about reading Scripture with her children on what the Lord says we need. Her loving conclusion for her children: all we need are Him, food, and clothes. Imagine if we lived that way every day. My heart wanders to that place of simplicity.

As I began to list the simple pleasures that I experienced just yesterday; I could hardly write fast enough to capture every thought, feeling, and memory.

So today, I want to contribute to {simply living saturdays} using fewer words a reflection of a more thankful heart.

{Surprised by Simplicity}


the smell of gingersnaps . . . a pumpkin candle burning

chicken and biscuits with mashed potatoes . . . a puzzle on the kitchen table

gathering the last of the summer tomatoes  . . . banana bread delivered from a friend

filling the birdfeeder

a walk to the pond with our son and his dog . .  .  finding a snapping turtle

soccer games . . . football games

migrating Canada Geese overhead . . . bluejays calling to each other

daughter home from college . . . sounds of her friends in the house

surprised with Chinese Take-Out for dinner

family movie night . . . a new Tea Mystery book

a misty morning  . . .  falling leaves . . . a chilly evening

It is with this fresh, humble heart filled with thankfulness
that can bring forth praise and glory to our Father.


Would love to read your simple list of surprises! — is anybody interested in participating in a Mr. Linky?  I know how much I enjoy and am blessed and encouraged by what you share.

{surprised by simplicity: a thankful heart}

There is so much in our daily lives that is beautiful, fresh,
heart-warming, and invigorating when we look with new eyes at all the Lord has provided for our pleasure.
Sometime this weekend or even Monday, make a simple, thankful list with just a few words and let us be a breath of inspiration and encouragement to each other.
Please leave your name, link, and comments so we can visit!  If you don’t have a blog, please email your thoughts and I will list them!