If the weather experts are correct, we have a beautiful, fall weekend before us! There are several ways we can prepare to enjoy the weekend and still serve our families.  Truthfully, this list is mostly about me and keeping my sanity without feeling like I am constantly in the kitchen or cleaning the house. When these simple pre-weekend tasks are accomplished, I am able to float through the weekend relaxed — afterall if “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”!

Friday is my “prep” day because in our family the “weekend” begins at 6:00 Friday night (with pizza of course.) Knowing the weather and the weekend schedule are key components to successful planning.


1.  Plan meals for the weekend. Grocery shop ahead of time. I prefer to accomplish that task on Thursdays. Early Friday if necessary.

2.  During that trip I also pick up any movies we might enjoy as a family.

3.  Prepare a family favorite dessert, any side dishes, or appetizers.

4.  Since Saturday night dinner may be our only shared meal of the week, I make certain it is something that the whole family will enjoy without complaint! Or at least with enough choices that both kids and adults are content. The menu might include: grilling, soup, crockpot favorite. The choice depends on the weather and the schedule. BUT IT IS PLANNED.

5.  Soccer uniform is clean and all the pieces collected in one place – preferably our son’s bedroom.

6.  I send an email to my husband reminding him about any weekend plans — those things like soccer games that are etched in stone. I also run activity suggestions past him; along with asking if he has to go into the office on Saturday. I try to eliminate as many “surprises” as possible.

7.  If he has not had a full weekend home in a while then I don’t usually make any plans with friends or schedule us away from home. I try to make the weekend a mini-vacation without going anywhere! 

8.  The homeschool room is tidied with everything in its place. In fact a major straightening of the home happens Friday afternoon. (This is mostly for my piece of mind). Our son and I also clean — well at least vacuum the pet hair!

9.  Flowers are collected from the garden but this weekend it is going to be branches of fall colored leaves. 

10.  Most importantly, I prepare my heart & mind to enjoy the scattered activity, the additional people, and schedule changes and quietly know that there is nothing that cannot be fixed, organized, cleaned, or straightend on Monday!