There are days when I can fly above the barrage of information on heretical movements, false teachers, the latest gnostic book release . . .

 . . . and then there are days when new information just breaks my heart. {and then I get angry with the deception and manipulation} This is one of those days.

Franklin Graham is joining the stage with several “Christian” speakers {Emerging Church leaders and others who are questionable at best} The event scheduled for Atlanta this weekend: The Catalyst Conference

Who is Catalyst? Here is what they claim as their VISION:

Shaping Leaders in the Church
The core vision of Catalyst has always been to impact the next generation. By creating “change agents” throughout the church that possess wisdom and understanding, the opportunity is created to usher in the necessary adjustments to an ever-evolving church.

By helping these leaders grow in their leadership ability – Catalyst can have impact on an entire generation. We have a high belief in the impact that one changed life can have on another and therefore focus our efforts towards personal change with a community application.

Catalyst sees a need to ignite and unite the next generation of leaders allowing their passions and gifts to flourish and have maximum impact in our churches and culture.

Past conference Speakers Include:  Erwin McManus, Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, Donald Miller. (If you are unfamiliar with any of these names look at Lighthouse Trails Research Project.

2008 Speakers include:

Andy Stanley (hosting the event): Another, young, “hip”, feel-good speaker who is the leader of a mega-church in Atlanta. Lots of information starting to surface on this young man, doesn’t quite fit the “emerging church” mold; yet, certainly cannot be found guilty of preaching “old fashioned doctrines”. Read more here: Christian Research Network.

Mark Batterson: Mega Church “pastor” in Washington DC — endorses Eckhart Tolle, Tony Jones, Brian McLaren, Erwin McManus and other in the Emergent/Contemplative/New Age movements

William Paul Young: Author of The Shack

AND FRANKLIN GRAHAM who is dragging the memory of his father right along with him.

A huge thank you to Lighthouse Trails Research for providing the entire story.

QUESTION:  Does your youth pastor promote any of these “Christian” leaders? The youth are the target audience and Franklin Graham’s participation gives the conference DECEPTIVE“legitimacy” .