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What a glorious day before us! It is sunny with a cool nip in the air. Our annual Apple Festival has arrived!

The town is alive with a flurry of activity. And our front porch {literally on main street} offers a front row seat.

Corn stalks and pumpkins; Yard sales and craft tables, vendors and apples, lots and lots of apples.

apple cider

apple dumplings

apple pie

and apple crisp

Boy Scout uniforms scattered throughout the town; busy with the important job of tending to the waste can recepticles. Can’t say I have seen so many boys happy about empting trash!

It is almost a Norman Rockwell picture . . .

Whistfully, my thoughts travel to a time when life was slower; the front porch was where people rested in the afternoon or gathered after supper to exchange news or tell stories. Rocking chairs, potted plants, and a lazy, dog decorated and welcomed the neighbors.

Whether you prefer the friendly socialibilty of the porch or the quiet seclusion, the front porch is an American Icon. A representation of community living, a slower pace, and a simple life rich with family and friends . . .


We are ready: the cider is chilled, the chairs are waiting, barbeque ham for sandwiches is in the crockpot, and the ice cream stands ready to slather warm apple crisp.

I am thankful for the Apple Festival which provides the perfect opportunity to reach back to days gone by  . . .

. . .  to simple living saturdays.