There is a growing pack of wolves greedily consuming the tender faith of our youth. Of all the voices of the Emerging Church leaders, Rob Bell, is one of the most dangerous and threatening voices to whom our children are exposed. 

The worst part —  it is happening right under our noses — within our own church —  introduced by our own youth minister.

Rob Bell is a hip, popular, creative, and relational speaker. Not hardly deserving of the honorable title, pastor. In Scripture Christ paints a picture of the similarities of a pastor and those of the good shepherd who is Christ. Jesus knew that his audience would be very familiar with the role and responsibiltiies of the protective and loving shepherd. Therefore Jesus knew that His people would recognize a counterfeit, the hired-hand.

{The hired hand  is not the owner of the sheep he climbed over the fence into the sheepfold instead of going through the door which is Jesus. The hired hand sees the wolves coming, and leaves the sheep and flees, and the wrolf snatches them and scatters them. John 10:1-16}

Most youth ministers across the United States know Rob Bell for his Nooma (meaning breath or spirit) Video series; his book, “Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith”; and as pastor of a mega-church in Michigan, Mars Hill.

In Velvet Elvis, Bell specifically says:

This is part of the problem with continually insisting that one of the absolutes of the Christian faith must be a belief that “Scripture alone” is our guide. It sounds nice but it is not true… When people say that all we need is the Bible, it is simply not true. (Apprising Ministry’s emphasis)


In January of 2007, Bell was named #10 in the “50 Most Influential Christians in America”. He was crowned more influential than Rick Warren (#16).

“We’re rediscovering Christianity as an Eastern religion, as a way of life.”—Rob Bell, Teaching Pastor Mars Hill Bible Church from The Emergent Mystique, Christianity Today 

We need to know who the #10 most influential “Christian” in America really is! Christianity Today referred to Bell as an Emergent Mystic. Remember Rob Bell’s materials are used to teach our children!

Rob Bell is a name to recognize and know. How and where do we begin to decode and decipher someone’s belief system and world view? 

  • Personally read their materials. Take each supposition to Scripture for its truthfulness
  • Who do they recommend and point to as authorities, mentors, teachers.
  • Who sits on their minsitry boards
  • Where have they studied
  • What books do they recommend
  • When they participate in conferences, with whom do they share the platform

This type of active discernment will provide you with an abundance of information.

Rob Bell is not hiding who he is; we just aren’t looking, He didn’t “sneak” into our churches, we invited him.

There are several dedicated and passionate ministries who are exposing the deception. Have a look at these articles at Apprising Ministries and Lighthouse Trails Research.

After completing the research, the bigger question and daunting task is  WHAT DO I DO NOW?

Now we know the Truth
Now we recognize the lies & deception
Now we realize the danger

This new information requires a response, what will your’s be?