Let me say up front that there is NOTHING simple about the Emerging Church. Because it is firmly rooted in the post-modern mindset {intentionally and consistently adjusting to fit an individual’s need} it changes day to day, week to week, month to month.

However, there are some consistent characteristics {at least today} that are recognizable along with people who are associated with it.

If you have not been following this movement WITHIN the church.  Just take the plunge NOW and begin to recognize some pieces, unTruths, deceptive leaders, and most importantly can it be found in YOUR church?

  • The Emerging Church is not necessarily a physical place. It might be (a later post); but most often it represents a personal theology & personal world view. It is informal, church-based, and a global movement.
    Key point:  It is a church movement within the body of believers.
  • Scripture is not authoratative or absolute Truth UNTIL one’s experience deems it truth. Often the experience incorporates a component of mysticism {breathing prayers and meditation, such as emptying the mind as opposed to filling it with Scripture}.
    Key point: Emphasis of “my story” and “experience” represents truth. I have my truth and you can have your truth.
  • High value {Salvation-like importance} placed on good works & social activism.
  • The Emerging Movement emphasizes the here and now.
    Key point: The desire and drive to create a kingdom of heaven on earth.
  • Proponents often refer to their “beliefs” as a “conversation” to differentiate themselves from orthodox Christian doctrines so not to offend anyone.
    Key point: The Emerging Church has a decentralized and developing nature; along with a persistent desire to deconstruct (tear apart) orthodox Christian doctrines.

The task before us is to  . . .

recognize the counterfeit,

challenge the Emerging Church “voices”, and expose the error.

We are called to only tolerate and defend TRUTH
both within the visible and invisible church

This task seems daunting because many of us have not been paying close attention.

Ignoring the deception,

making excuses for it,

denying its danger, and hoping it will go away. 

However, TODAY the deception is at epidemic proportions and
it threatens the destruction of our families.


{Future posts include: naming the “voices”, defining “emerging”  vocabulary, and most importantly encouraging all of us to have a “Zero Tolerance” for unTruth.} However, if you want to learn more today, please visit any of the listed links under “simple truth.”