Biblical Christianity will offend the masses that embrace cultural christianity (postmodern) or any of today’s blended, American emerging churches. There is a growing hostility toward those who choose to follow Biblical Christianity. God’s way seems too narrow and impossible.

In a world of religious alternatives that offer all God’s blessings and promises without accountability, His absolute truth doesn’t fit. Biblical values become a source of reproof and offense to those (christian post-modernists) who have chosen the wide, popular way.

Do you know what “cultural christianity/christian post-modernists” looks like?

A Biblical Christian …

A Christian Post-modernist

Believes in the absolute reality of facts, observation and logic

Believes that facts & truth become facts & truth after the observer experiences it.

Trusts absolute truth

Reject absolute truth and points out the assumptions by which truths are based

Is a Biblical monotheist and

believes in one absolute truth

Is a spiritual pluralist and believes all religions require assumptive reasoning and are therefore equal

Has a relationship with reality based on attempting to discern the absolutes

Has a relationship with the group whose view of reality benefits him/her the most

Has faith in doctrines of absolutism,bases beliefs, values and hope on a revealed doctrine

Is a moral relativist and bases beliefs, values and hope on an agreed upon doctrine

Seeks objective knowledge (religious, mathematical, historical record, etc.) that supports their

absolutist doctrine

Seeks objective knowledge and reworks doctrines to include or ignore said knowledge

Wants society to follow Biblical or cultural standards which are considered inherently correct

Wants to set their own standards and values and believes that society should grant as much right to this as possible

Believes that sexual guidelines and boundaries are fixed by absolutist doctrine

Believes that humans are free to choose their own sexuality and identity.

Judges right and wrong by absolute standards

Judges right and wrong upon agreed standards but recognizes that those standards may change

Favors favors a Newtonian view of the universe

Favors an Einsteinian view of the universe

Emphasizes creed or logical proposition

Emphasizes story, personal discovery, journey…

Desires to see all embrace the absolutist doctrine

Celebrates a diversity of post-modern spirituality/unity.

Sees that Biblical evangelism makes sense

Sees that Biblical truth is relative and dismisses whatever doesn’t feel compatible with personal journey

Believes that contact with “other gods” is forbidden and that promised personal peace and oneness can only come through Christ.

Believes that other gods and cultures can produce ultimate peace and oneness to their believers.

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