Just Give Me Jesus

I don’t want . . .
 centering prayers,  breathing prayers, contemplative prayers
  repetitive words, or  mindless meditation

I don’t want to . . .
walk a labyrinth, sit in a lotus position, or
listen to myself breath

Just Give Me Jesus

I don’t need . . .
a spiritual director, spiritual formation
spiritual healing, or spiritual disciplines 

I don’t want to . . .
watch a candle flicker, smell incense burning
walk ancient paths, listen to tibetan drums
center my living, set the Gospel free
discover the power within me
know the sacred way, or connect with the universe

Just Give Me Jesus

I don’t need a book to . . .
build my self-confidence
provide a “course in miracles”
explain a “new earth”
tell me “what buddah would do at work”
“live in the presence”, or “celebrate discipline”

I don’t need . . .
inner healing, inner peace, or

There are no . . .
“secrets”, hidden mysteries, or
special knowledge

Just Give Me Jesus

I don’t want to . . .
reimagine, rediscover, or rethink Jesus

I don’t want . . .
a new reformation, a purpose driven life
to be a progressive Christian, or

I am not a . . .
post-modern, post-orthodox, or

Jesus isn’t  . . .
a “velvet elvis” or “blue like jazz”, and
He doesn’t live in a “shack”

Jesus is  . . .
the King of my life
the Embodiment of Truth
the Life Everlasting
Relevant Today
the Beginning and the End

Just Give Me Jesus