A day in our lives to be inspired, motivated,
and encouraged to

{live simply} and

{glorify God extravagantly!}

Hosted this week by Lindsay @ Passionate Homemaking  for  Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home.

Many women (including me!) are passionate about simplifying their homes, wardrobes, meals, jobs, and in general — life. With a quick glance we may all look like the world who is striving & straining to achieve this very same goal. 

However there is one subtle, yet powerful difference.

Our passion to {live simply} 
makes room to {Glorify God Extravagantly}


I don’t want to live with less! I want to live with more!

Jouneying on the winding and sometimes perilous, narrow road to the  mountain top {that place of peace, rest, and closeness to the King};

REQUIRES us to . . .

 . . . lighten our burden,

 . . . travel lightly,

 . . . shed the excess, and

. . . . make room {time & space} in our homes 
             and in our lives for the {King to Reign.}

Just these thoughts alone make my heart skip a beat. To have a home that is ordered; a schedule which is lighter; and a mind that is uncluttered and more Holy is the deepest desire of my heart.

LESS stuff
and MORE beauty

LESS “Christian” books, tapes, videos
and MORE of God’s pure & Holy Word

LESS noise of the culture
and MORE quiet space

LESS mindless chatter
and MORE genuine & rich friendships

LESS time-stealing, frantic errands
and MORE peaceful time at home.

LESS work
and MORE family time.

. . . for God is not a God of confusion but of peace,  . . .
{1 Corinthians14:33}
We should reflect His character and nature because He is a God of
peace and harmony, order and clarity, not strife and confusion.

{Simply Gorify God, Extravagantly!}