The Inspired Room inspired me to also list 20 simple little things to treasure in autumn. Fall is my favorite time of year because of these memories. As our Creator changes the seasons and dresses it for autumn; it is a wonderful time to pause and soak it in . . .

1.  apple crumb pies

2. covered bridge festival

3. brambles of bitter sweet

4. sweaters

5. chilly mornings and hot coffee

6. homemade chicken noodle soup with cinnamon sweet rolls

7. Sunday afternoon football games

8. warm oatmeal & maple syrup

9. glowing spice scented candles

10. flannel jammies & slippers

11. falling leaves on blustery, rainy days

12. school buses

13. horses in the mist & hounds barking in the distance

14. pumpkins, gourds, and squash

15. walks in the woods

16. gardens tucked-in for winter

17. pumpkin cookies

18. tea in the afternoon

19. George Winston Autumn piano solos

20. children {of any age} playing in piles of leaves