Don’t be intimidated by eBay! eBay is your friend. It is simple and easy to learn, this is your next assignment in 10 simple steps.

  1. Read my earlier post: eBay 101
  2. Search for eBay with your web browser (or use the link on the right) and mark it as “favorite” it really will become a favorite!
  3. Now, you are going to REGISTER — you can do it! Click register in top left corner
  4. Fill in the form about yourself, create a user id and password and finish the page
  5. eBay sends a confirmation email to your address. Click “Activate Now” 
  6. If you are feeling brave, SEARCH for something: breyer horses, lego system, Nintendo DS game, china teacup and saucer, vintage board game, or your set of dishes. Next to the SEARCH space is the CATEGORY space. It is helpful to select the category to narrow the search.
  7. You will be given a list of items that are currently active on eBay. Find the one that matches yours and click on it.
  8. In the top right corner is “Watch this item” click on it.
  9. Go to the very top right of this screen and click on “My eBay”. In the “watching” section you can watch your items and follow the auction.  This is extremely helpful and provides a wealth of information for your own listings.
  10. SEARCH for another item!

Just accomplishing this much is a HUGE success! Have fun watching the auctions.  When you wonder if something in your house will sell — SEARCH ebay.