What do you do when winter sniffles, hacking coughs, and sore throats strike the members in your household? 

Most of us move into major disinfecting mode to kill the germs, become nutricinists to strengthen the body, and isolate the patient until the patient becomes stronger and the nastiness retreats and dies. 

This intruder produces a lot of work: mounds of laundry, disinfecting our home, using the santi-rinse mode of the dishwasher, spending too much money on over- the-counter medicines and if the home remedies still don’t work we go to a professional, our family doctor.

What do we do when the minds of our loved ones are infected?

Are we as diligent to detect this infection? Do we recognize the symptoms? Do we know how to treat it and dispose of the toxins it distributes into the mind and body? Do we know how to dispense healing remedies. When nothing seems to work to we seek professional help?

There is an infection that is quickly spreading. It is often difficult to diagnose but very real nonetheless. It can be found in Christian bookstores, our churches (especially youth groups), in our friends, and in the schools. 

It is the Emerging Church 

Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits.” NASB Matthew 7:15,16

Apprising Ministries and Living in The Way minsitries has created an excellent, informative podcast which introduces you to the Emerging Church.

This podcast provides some of the basics of what the “Emerging Church” is, who is involved, and why you should steer clear of this disorganized system, their meeting groups, and their leaders/teachers, who will lead you away from Jesus Christ and toward a religion that can’t provide spiritual freedom because they refuse to teach the Truth of God’s Word.

Get started at http://blog.thewaycf.com/ and listen to the teaching podcast of Pastor Ken Silva of Apprising Minsitries and Pastor Jon Sharp of Living in The Way.  It is the best 45 minutes you will spend today and the first step in preventing your home from infection.